Pet General Wellness

Routine wellness care is essential for your pet’s long-term health.

Pet General Wellness in Emmett, ID

We can more easily keep track of your pet’s changing needs as they age. And if any problems do develop, we’ll be able to catch them early and treat them more quickly and efficiently.

Pet General Wellness

The maintenance of your pet’s health and happiness requires regular pet wellness care. We provide thorough pet wellness care services at Gem Veterinary Clinic to keep your pet on the road to health. Our pet wellness care services are created to spot issues early and give your pet the required attention to keep them healthy since we think that prevention is always better than treatment. Pet wellness care encompasses a wide range of activities, but some of the most crucial ones are regular immunizations, physical examinations, parasite management, and a balanced diet. Pet owners should collaborate with their veterinarian to develop a plan for their pet’s wellness care that is specific to their pet’s needs.

Examination of a pet

A veterinarian will thoroughly examine your pet during a pet physical checkup. For dogs and cats, physical checkups are advised at least once a year, and more regularly for senior animals or animals with health issues. During the physical examination, your pet’s weight, temperature, heart rate, and respiration rate will be measured in order to determine how well they are overall. The eyes, ears, skin, and coat of your pet will also be examined by the vet. The doctor will inquire about your pet’s nutrition, exercise routine, and any alterations in behaviour or appearance that you have seen while your pet is having a medical examination. Physical examinations for pets are a crucial component of your pet’s preventative healthcare.