Pet Spay and Neuter

It’s important to spay or neuter your pet regardless of their age. Lengthen their life by using our spay or neuter services, and keep the animal overpopulation problem at bay.

Pet Spay and Neuter in Emmett, ID

Spaying and neutering prevents a barrage of health problems for your new furry bundle of joy or an older pet you may have adopted.

Pet Spay and Neuter

The benefits of spaying or neutering your cat are numerous. The procedure, which prevents animals from reproducing, can extend and enhance your dog’s or cat’s lifespan.

The decision to spay or neuter your dog or cat should be made for both medical and behavioral reasons. Pets who have been spayed or neutered are less likely to roam, reducing the likelihood of conflicts or other traumas like getting hit by a car. Spayed and neutered cats are less likely to mark their territory with their urine. Spaying a female dog or cat, especially if done before the first heat cycle, lowers the chance of breast cancer. Other health advantages of spaying include avoiding uterine cancer and reducing the potentially fatal pyometra uterine infection. The advantages of neutering male dogs include preventing testicular cancer and lowering prostatic.