Pet Oncology Treatment

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Pet Oncology Treatment in Emmett, ID

Our technicians share extensive training and experience in oncology nursing. They receive continuing education to maintain our services at the highest level and are committed to providing the highest level of care, encouragement, support, and compassion to help their patients and caretakers through difficult decisions and ongoing care.


The oncology team at Gem Veterinary Clinic takes great pride in offering superior client and patient care while showing compassion and giving the unique dogs and cats we treat an incredibly high level of attention. We are committed to educating patients and clients about the diagnosis, listening to their goals and requirements, and assisting them in making the frequently challenging choices regarding chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, pain management, complementary medicine, and palliative or hospice care.

When specialised tests and/or medical treatments are necessary, we collaborate closely with the primary care veterinarian to deliver the best care possible. We work closely with our surgical team to offer preoperative counselling, staging, and, where necessary as part of a treatment plan, postoperative chemotherapy or electrochemotherapy.